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Update: I’m On It

Bonnie rosyHello all, I have been “off the world” in more ways than one with holidays and other projects (notably a crazy quilt I’m making for my daughter, and working to advance pay equity) but never forgetting the Unfinished Business project! It’s so cold in Minnesota – John and I went for a little walk two days ago which produced the way rosy cheeks pictured here.

In December my fabulous crew and I taped three more interviews in Minnesota – see the tab at top for list of all the interviewees so far, in four states. The topics were pay equity as a strategy, women of faith, and college life. It was great to have Becca and Larissa as new camera operators and Olivia as a new resource – more on them later. And I am sneaking up on the “Celebrate” chapter, might get it out this week. So stay tuned!

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