Guests & Crew

I’m so tickled to have interviewed 43 women and one guy on camera so far, in 8 states.  And I can never adequately thank the video crew and many other great collaborators in the thinking and writing process.  So here are those lists (as of June 6, 2014), which will be updated along the way:


In Arizona
Yvonne Hart Stevens (in Phoenix motel)
Veronica Boone (in Green Valley coffee shop)

In Kentucky
Farah Ardeshir (in Lexington, at the Comfort Inn)
Kendell Nash (via phone, with Farah)
Susal Stebbins Collins (from Vermont – at her mom’s home in Richmond)
Anne Stebbins (with her daughter, in Richmond)
Barbara Hadley Smith (at the Franklin County Women’s Center)
Jill Robinson (at the Franklin County omen’s Center)

In Washington State
Dinah Colker Cobel
Angie Kelly (and her brilliant kids)

In Ohio
Judy Peace Watkins Greenberg
Karen Shulman
Mary Igoe Meyers
Sue Muller

In Minnesota
Silvia Ontaneda
Cecelia Peace Watkins
Erin Parrish
Kristin Mapel Bloomberg
Jennifer Munt
Laura Wittstock Waterman
Carol Connolly
Karmann Peters
Kathleen Hagen
Ellie Skelton
Guadalupe Lopez
Kaohly Her
Faith Zwemke
Rhoda Gilman
Rev. Joy Bussert
Becca Younck
Larissa Thom
Riley Miller and three other Hamline students in economics class

in New Hampshire
Dottie Miller
Kirsten Agla
Mary Jo Brown
Stephanie Kuhn
Nyomi Guzman

in Massachusetts
Emily Rimmer

in New York
Liz Abzug
Ebony Wilkinson
Christiana Desrosiers


Mike Rossberg
John Zakelj
Johnny Andres Watkins
Faith Zwemke
Stephen Dodds
Libby Donohue
Katja Stanonik
Judy Greenberg
Bill Greenberg
Cecelia Watkins
Maria Tototzintle
St Paul Neighborhood Network television (SPNN)
Nina Rothchild
Becca Younck
Larissa Thom
Dr. Kristin Mapel Bloomberg
Dr. Jenny Keil
Angus Watkins
Olivia Wolf – 3 full days of videography!
Christine Halvorson
Susal Stebbins

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