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Feminist Futures Status Report

Hello to all, I will soon be back in action adding several new chapters to this series. Just for today I am saying “Feminist Futures” as the phrase “Unfinished Business” is everywhere now – and all too often just about the past. Meanwhile, here are, in sequence, the parts so far published (with trailers).  Please add your comments, and watch for more soon!

Trailer for Introduction (2 minutes)

Introduction (28 minutes)

Text for Introduction (For the e-book – downloadable as a PDF, or in large print)

Chapter One: Yay for Women! (28 minutes)

Preview for a case study on strategies:  Ending Violence Against Women (5 minutes)

Here’s to you dear readers!  You can learn more about the chapter outline, and guests and crew lists, by clicking on the tabs at top of page.  And please add your thoughts about strategies for the future by clicking on “leave a comment” below. – Bonnie

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