Welcome to Unfinished Business: Future of the American Women’s Movement.  On this blog, you will be able to read each chapter of the book with this title, and find links to the video series associated with each chapter.  Your comments are welcome and appreciated at every stage of the project.  My purpose is to enlist everyone in helping to move American women all the way to liberty, equality and justice, by the year 2030.

I am Bonnie Peace Watkins (Peace’s Bonnie), author of the book and producer of the video series.  This project incorporates what I’ve learned in 40 years as an active feminist, as well as the experiences and ideas of many other women interviewed in the past few years.  My past work includes:  assistant director of the Minnesota Council on the Economic Status of Women (1978-1984), Minnesota’s pay equity coordinator in the Department of Employee Relations (1984-1991), co-author of In the Company of Women (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1996), director of multiple Living At Home Block Nurse Programs for senior citizens (1995-2003), and director of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium (2003-2012). It’s also important to know that I have done lots of “women’s work” as a factory worker, waitress, teacher aide, clerical worker, community volunteer, and mom.

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  1. I can’t wait to start reading, Bonnie!!

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