Chapter Outline

Just remember – things keep changing!  At this writing, I am not very confident that the video documentary segments will correspond one to one with the book chapters.  But here’s the current plan!  Not listing all the people I hope to interview going forward – but feel free to offer suggestions by topic.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Future of the American Women’s Movement
by Bonnie Peace Watkins   (Outline as of November 2013)

Introduction.  Why this book is needed:  myths about contemporary feminism, “five dreams of women,” and a vision for the future. Interactivity with blog and TV documentary.  Bonnie bio (the political is personal). Documentary segment: Excerpts from interviews with 20 women – laughing together, and strategy highlights.

Chapter 1. Yay for women! The women’s movement has created massive positive change.  Over 40 years, we have saved lives and kicked open doors for millions of women.  Television documentary segment:  “How my life would have been different,” three generations, with Cecelia Peace Watkins & Silvia Ontaneda; data summaries; and excerpts from other interviews.

Chapter 2.  The vision and the timetable.  When will we be done & what will that look like?  Sun Tzu (taking whole) vs. Sisyphus (damage control).  Interviews with Ellie Skelton, Kathy Hagen, Guadalupe Lopez, Sasha Cotton, Kaohly Her, Susal Stebbins Collins, Kendell Nash.

Chapter 3.  Love, joy, & laughter.  Working together for change, honoring our moms.  The arts & advocating for ourselves.   Interviews with Carol Connolly, Laura Waterman Wittstock, Karmann Peters.

Chapter 4. Collective action & sustainable, systemic change. New models for collective action to be more effective, appealing, inclusive.   Interviews with Erin Parrish, Kristen Mapel-Bloomberg, Jennifer Munt.

Chapter 5.  Building community, from the heart.  “Community” is a group connecting sustainably, across differences.  Need for family dialogue, neighborhood conversations.   Interviews including Angie Flynn.

Chapter 6. Let 500 flowers bloom:  Powerful messages & media. “Womanspeak,” re-naming to transform society.  Billboards & more. Interviews to be determined.

Chapter 7. Gender mainstreaming, or losing focus? Voting rights, gun control, immigration, the environment – & the gender lens. Interviews including Susal Stebbins Collins.

Chapter 8. Cross-sector engagement.  Nonprofits can’t do it alone.  Not about making big bucks. Women of color & immigrants are leading the way. Interviews including Kaohly Her, Sasha Cotton, Lupe Rodriguez.

Chapter 9. Sharing the torch (across generational differences). Let’s share power, conquer ageism, & create a sabbatical program. Interviews including Dinah Coble.

Chapter 10. The man question.  How to stay engaged with past male supporters, attract new ones? The list of wonderful men to talk with just keeps growing!

Chapter 11.  Service providers:  Band-aids or change bubbling up?  Does service supersede transformation, or can it inform policy change? Interviews including Ellie Skelton.

Chapter 12.  Professionalism, volunteerism, philanthropy.  Nonprofits should be good employers, but lavish salaries & prudent reserves?  Interviews including Bo Thao.

 Chapter 13. Accountability, or speaking truth to each other.  Create councils of wise women to help prioritize, reduce duplication, promote healthy groups and behavior.  Interviews to be determined.

 Chapter 14. Conclusions.  This will include picking some Bonnie favorites, likely to include the Minnesota Women’s Consortium and Minnesotans United for All Families.

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