January 2016 update

Hello friends!  I have been a bad, bad person, or having way too much fun, depending how you look at it… but have not posted here for a year.  I DO plan to continue with the Unfinished Business project, as the need continues for women and friends of women (I also like the word “accomplices” as a suggested substitute for “allies”) to come together and achieve equality, justice, and a happy life for all.  For now, just a quick report on a discussion day I convened on August 26, 2015.  Here’s the first-draft collage of the wonderful 17 who attended. Auust 26 collage

Together we addressed the same vital topics I’ve been asking about in the video interviews:  How can we re-energize activism around women’s poverty, end violence, and ensure reproductive rights?  and, What strategies are needed in the next two years?  I’m very glad that 9 of the participants were women of color, though I need to hear more from Black women.  Bo Thao-Urabe and Kathy Wan Povi led the discussions.  I decided to audio-record, and hope to include many of these voices in upcoming chapters of the video project.  I still have about 35 pages of transcript from this day to summarize – not to mention many video interviews to get back to!  But now back at work.  Send me YOUR thoughts anytime, here or to MinnBonnie@gmail.com.

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