Ready to March in Washington?

Hello friends,

get-your-ownOn the morning of January 20 I will board the bus for the 18-hour ride to Washington DC for the Women’s March on Washington.  Please feel free to check in here, and/or follow me on Twitter @MinnBonnie or @uswomenconnect.  And, make sure I have your Twitter handle and blog name so I can find what you are doing about Trump’s many threats to women’s rights.

I have a week to go and still thinking of what to wear to show my outrage and determination to make a difference. I have my official “Women’s March” long sleeved T and have ordered a sash – or think I have (hard to keep track of all the products).  I think/hope somebody has knitted me a pussy hat.  I have also ordered – but who knows if they will arrive in time? – several posters with the beautiful raised fist inside women’s symbol.  But I might also make a sign copied from the Iowa women, that has a big beautiful pink uterus and the words:  Get Your Own/ Then Tell It What To Do.  And, I am thinking if I can make (muslin and markers?) shoulder bands, one with the crescent and star (Muslim), one with Star of David (Jew), one rainbow (LGBTQ), and another woman symbol – and maybe a Stars N Stripes.  (Got two shoulders after all.)

Stay tuned.

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