Documentary Introduction

The “Introduction” segment of Unfinished Business began airing on St Paul Neighborhood Network television Channel 15 in October.  Wahoo, we are rolling!  The 28-minute segment includes purpose of the project, five dreams of women, a montage of laughter from the 20 women interviewed so far, a Bonnie bio, short takes on strategies proposed so far by the 20 women, and Bonnie assertions like the importance of leading from the heartland.

You can view the full segment on Youtube at this link.
I am working hard this week to finish the text version of the Introduction – watch this space!
Meanwhile, here is the two minute trailer for the video segment. Enjoy!  And please comment!

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  1. From Kathy Wan Povi Sanchez, chair of US Women Connect: “Bonnie, you rock your mocs, meaning you walk your talk… I like where you are going with the topics. It was great to see your interviewing video, to get women’s thoughts and wisdom sharing to cultivate a full moon way to see into the darkness of the tired same same.” (edited a bit) Thanks Kathy, for your kindness and your eloquence.

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